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Life at Pratishthan
That's Us!





Our People

We Are a Family

A flat organisation in the real sense, we brainstorm, build proofs-of-concept, decimate assumptions or build on them, and we do this across the table without an iota of hierarchy in the discourse.

We work hard, we hang out, we build amazing solutions, we deliver business value to our customers and we do all this and more together.

our approach

Lifelong Learning

We love technology and you will find us working on Node.js, Flutter, Python, Docker, React, Hadoop, Angular and all the good stuff. 

Our experience across industries and in working with large, medium and small enterprises places us in a unique position where we extend our learning across the industries to the work that we do.

When you are a part of our family, you learn not just about technology, but also about solving business problems that matter.

Industry Experience

Build Enterprise-Grade

We have helped our clients reimagine their business problems and created frameworks that have helped them scale their business like they had imagined and beyond.

We have done all this based on our experience and the fact that our team brings seasoned technology folks together with the young ones who build that something awesome together.

In fact, 30% of our people have over a decade of hands-on technology experience.

We are the Pratishthan Family

We're living it up in beautiful Bangalore

If it’s a business problem that needs a technology solution, we’re there for you. 

If it’s an exciting career that you want to build across technologies, we’re there for you too!